Getting Started!
Negative Emotions

Scour Your Past...

...for three prominent events that have taken place where you've let your emotions get the best of you, or when you felt out of control.

Describe in your notebook, in great detail, your emotional state during such occurrences. Don't focus on the 'why,' or the story of any specific event(s), but on your internal environment.

What did your body feel like?

How was your breathing, your.......

.......posture, and your voice?

What was going on in your head?

Were you absent of thought?

Did you think of the consequences of your words and actions?

Be excruciatingly specific. This step is designed to begin the process of self-awareness. Do not be ashamed of or feel guilty for your past reactions. They're in the past. Simply acknowledge them so you know where you stand. We'll talk later about how to change any negative behavior.

- Mark Svetcos


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