Manipulation and Choice of Action
The "Next Big Thing!" / "If You're Bored, You're Boring."

Your Primary (external) Relationship...

Have you ever pretended that things in your relationship (current, or past if you're single) were okay, even when you knew they weren't?

Have you, in your past, tended just to let things...

...go, hoping they'll get better in the future? 

Think back to all your relationships, including family. In your notebook, write down one recurring negative activity from each relationship.

A few examples of such activities are lack of communication, indifference, procrastination, lack of affection, and showing misplaced emotion (anger, frustration, sadness, etc.)

Did that activity change over time without your active input? Is it still happening? This activity is one of the first steps in self-awareness and creating consciousness in your relationships, and in your life.

- Mark Svetcos


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